NGTL System - Capacity


Open Seasons

NGTL Estimated Monthly Open Season Dates 2022 - 2023



Close Date

FT-D Existing Capacity  Closed Closed
FT-D Daily Closed Closed
FT-D Expansion Capacity Closed Closed
STFT Existing Capacity Closed Closed
STFT Daily Closed

Every Banking Day (excluding US and Canadian statutory Holidays)

FT Transfers Open Daily/Monthly
Capacity Optimization Closed Closed


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Extraction Rights

All customers delivering gas at a Group 1 Delivery location have the option to negotiate Extraction Rights for the value of the liquids in the gas with an Operator of one of the Extraction Facilities as outlined in Rate Schedule FT-X. For further information on FT-X please visit the FT-X Firm Transportation – Extraction page or contact your Customer Account Manager for a list of current Extraction Operators.

For more information, please contact your Marketing Representative or:


Grant Kuntz

Manager, Marketing NGTL

Phone: 1.403.920.7169

Mobile: 1.403.542.9975