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Canadian Mainline Daily Existing Capacity Open Season For FT, FT-NR, FT-SN

December 1, 2021

TransCanada's Canadian Mainline is currently posting this Open Season for the following firm transportation services: Firm Transportation Service ("FT"), Non-Renewable Firm Transportation Service ("FT-NR") and Short Notice Firm Transportation ("FT-SN").(7) TransCanada is offering service from receipt points specified in Tables 1 through 3. Available capacity may vary for future start dates, capacity is being evaluated and is subject to change, please contact your Marketing Representative for details.

On April 17, 2020, the Canadian Energy Regulator (CER) approved the 2021-2026 Mainline Tolls Settlement. Tariff amendments to the applicable Firm Service  Toll Schedules regarding the renewal notice provision changing from 24-months to 12-months, as set out in Appendix K, Tab 1.

Existing Capacity available is located in Tables 1 through 3 below. This Open Season has been amended due to the October 31, 2022 expiries and the contracts sales as of December 1, 2021. Please contact your Marketing Representative for more information.  

Table 1: Available Capacity(1)

Posted System Segments FT Capacity
Starting December 2021(2) (GJ/d)

Empress(3) to (Domestic)(4)

South Saskatchewan Delivery Area (SSDA) 185,323
 Manitoba Delivery Area (MDA) 185,323
 Western Delivery Area (WDA) 185,323
 Northern Delivery Area (NDA) 185,323
Enbridge CDA 185,323
Union ECDA 185,323
 Eastern Delivery Area (EDA)(6) 71,031
 Eastern Delivery Area (Energir EDA) 0
 Southwest Delivery Area (SWDA) 0

Empress(3) to (Export)(4)

 Emerson 1 185,323
 Emerson 2 185,323






 Napierville 0
 Philipsburg 0
 East Hereford 0


Table 2: Available Capacity(1)(2)(9)



Dawn to




Parkway to

 Southwest Delivery Area (SWDA)



Niagara Falls / Chippawa to


Union Parkway Belt 0

St. Clair to

 Union SWDA


Posted System Segments

FT Capacity Starting Next Day (GJ/d)



Table 3: Available Capacity(1)(2)

Posted Delivery Points for FT-SN(5) Capacity Starting Next Day (GJ/d)

FT-SN Metering Capacity (Subject to Segment Capacity)

 Goreway CDA


 Victoria Square #2 CDA


 Thorold CDA


 Schomberg #2 CDA



1TransCanada is not accepting bids for firm service from export points unless otherwise listed in the tables above.  
2Earlier start dates may be accommodated. Please contact your Marketing Representative.
3Shippers and prospective shippers should be aware that TransCanada has posted firm capacity from Empress that may be in excess of the upstream delivery capacity on Nova Gas Transmission Ltd. (NGTL). It is the responsibility of shippers to ensure upstream capacity is available.
4Bayhurst 1, Herbert, Liebenthal, Richmound, Shackleton, Steelman, Suffield 2, and Welwyn are also valid receipt points for the delivery points listed in Table 1.
5May not be available on all paths. Please contact your Marketing Representative if you are interested in bidding on this service. SNB service could be contracted with FT-SN. If you are interested in SNB, please contact your Marketing Representative for more information.
6Capacity available to Enbridge EDA, Union EDA, and KPUC only.
7For services not listed (STS,MFP & EMB) please contact your Marketing Representative.
8The St. Clair - Dawn path is also available with Great Lakes Canada. For Mainline service availability, such as start dates and capacity, please contact your Marketing Representative. Please note that TBO capacity on Great Lakes Pipeline Canada may be required for contracts utilizing the St. Clair to Union SWDA path. TransCanada will seek to procure TBO and notify Service Applicants who have been allocated service that requires capacity on this path.

9Capacity from NBJ to Eastern delivery points varies. Please contact your Marketing Representative.

10FT-NR capacity termination date is October 31, 2022



Open Season & Bidding Procedure Highlights

  • Bids must be received by TransCanada no later than 8:00 a.m. MT (Calgary time) each business day
  • Term: As directed by Section 4.2 of the TAPs
  • Toll: The posted capacity will be at the NEB Approved Mainline Toll
  • System Segment Capacity:
    • Some posted segments share common capacity. A successful bid on one system segment may reduce the capacity on another system segment. Any bids that pertain to common capacity will be evaluated together for allocation purposes.
    • Each capacity segment requested must be on an individual bid form.
  • Conditional Bidding: Mainline capacity bids can be conditioned on another Mainline capacity bid
    • If a Daily Existing Capacity Open Season ("DECOS") bid is conditional on another DECOS bid, if either DECOS bid requires a reduction to the maximum daily quantity, the maximum daily quantity for the other DECOS bid will be reduced by the same percentage.
    • Please submit each set of conditional bids in a separate fax, to provide clarity on which bids are related.
  • Min Acceptable Quantity: May be specified by bidder in the event that prorating capacity is necessary
  • Please refer to the TAPs: Transportation Access Procedures for more information
  • Please refer to the TAPs for information on bid deposit requirements


How to Bid

Service applicants must submit a binding bid via the Paper Version or Electronic Version to TransCanada's Mainline Contracting Department by email at mainline_contracting@tcenergy.com by fax at 1.403.920.2343 and must be received by 8:00 a.m. MT (Calgary time) each business day. All bids received each day will be evaluated together for allocation purposes. The Transportation Contract for the service allocated to the Service Applicant shall be incorporated into and by reference made part of the DECOS Bid Form.


If you have any questions, please contact your Marketing Representative.



Michael Mazier
Phone: 1.403.920.2651
Email: mike_mazier@tcenergy.com

Glenn Smetheram
Phone: 1.403.920.7104
Email: glenn_smetheram@tcenergy.com



Amelia Cheung
Phone: 1.416.869.2115
Email: amelia_cheung@tcenergy.com

Lisa Jamieson
Phone: 1.416.869.2171
Email: lisa_jamieson@tcenergy.com

Molly Beckel
Phone: 1.416.869.2159
Email: molly_beckel@tcenergy.com



LINKS to Additional Information:



TransCanada is required to charge the Goods and Services Tax (GST) or Harmonized Sales Tax (HST), whichever is applicable, on transportation of gas that is consumed in Canada.  The GST is set at 5% while HST is set at 13% in Ontario.

Shippers may provide a Declaration which notifies TransCanada that the Shipper's FT contract is intended to serve an export market and should be charged 0% GST or 0% HST, on any Unutilized Demand Charges (UDC).

The Declaration Form is available at the following link:

FT GST/HST Declaration Shippers may also zero-rate GST or HST on the associated transportation demand, commodity and pressure charges by making a Declaration on the nomination line in NrG Highway.

Please note:

  • Declarations may only take effect on the first day of a month.
  • A Declaration cannot be applied retroactively.
  • A Declaration supersedes previous Contract Declarations.
  • A single Declaration form is used for all of a shipper's firm export contracts eligible for zero-rating of UDC.
  • If a Shipper zero-rates their nomination but does not execute a Declaration the Shipper will be charged 0% GST or 0% HST on their nomination but all associated UDCs will be charged the current applicable GST or HST rate.

Please refer to the following website for additional information on GST/HST regulations and rebates http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/gsthst/

For more information on TransCanada's GST/HST practices, contact Mainline_Contracting@tcenergy.com.