FT - Daily

Canadian Mainline Daily Existing Capacity Open Season For FT, FT-NR, FT-SN

May 17, 2023

The Daily Existing Capacity Open Season is now closed.


If you have any questions, please contact your Marketing Representative.



Tyler Cook
Phone: 1.403.920.6021
Email: tyler_cook@tcenergy.com

Kevin D'Souza
Phone: 1.403.920.7915
Email: kevin_dsouza@tcenergy.com

Kelsey Johannson
Phone: 1.403.920.5956
Email: kelsey_johannson@tcenergy.com

Jillian Hemstock
Phone: 1.403.920.7136
Email: jillian_hemstock@tcenergy.com

Kate Palmer
Phone: 1.587.933.7546
Email: kate_palmer@tcenergy.com

Skylar Wilson
Phone: 1.403.920.3665
Email: skylar_wilson@tcenergy.com

Vanessa Swick
Phone: 1.587.432.8051
Email: vanessa_swick@tcenergy.com


Amelia Cheung
Phone: 1.416.869.2115
Email: amelia_cheung@tcenergy.com

Tim Stringer
Phone: 1.416.869.2177
Email: tim_stringer@tcenergy.com

Rory Black
Phone: 1.437.518.2648
Email: rory_black@tcenergy.com