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Customer Express Contacts

TC Energy's Customer Service Call Centre is at your service from 7am to 10pm MST, 7 days a week.
Contact the PipeLine at 1.403.920.PIPE(7473) or Toll free at 1.877.920.PIPE(7473)

Operations Contacts

Last Name First Name Title Team Phone  
Banner Neall Director Commercial Strategy and Fundamentals 1.403.920.7907
Baranski Stefan Director Marketing 1.416.869.2136
Bendall Sara Marketing Representative Marketing 1.403.920.3743
Betts Gordon Manager Business Development 1.403.920.6834
Cantin Veronique Manager Gas Control 1.403.920.5923
Cheung Amelia Marketing Representative Marketing 1.416.869.2115
Chisholm Ian Manager Operations Planning 1.403.920.6252
Cook Tyler Marketing Representative Marketing 1.403.920.6021
Dancy Cullen Marketing Representative Marketing 1.587.933.0785
Dhanidina Farouk Supervisor Eastern Pipelines 1.403.920.6126
D'Souza Kevin Analyst Commercial - West Assets 1.403.920.8080
Echenagusia Penelope Manager Rates & Services West 1.403.920.5396
Engel Candice Manager Marketing 1.403.920.5623
Ferraton Murray Manager Customer Solutions 1.403.920.5323
Gent Graham Manager Nominations & Allocations 1.403.920.6846
Glen Trevor Supervisor Operations Planning West 1.403.920.2627
Harbaruk Sherri Commercial Projects Manager Marketing 1.403.920.5597
Harper Todd Manager Marketing 1.403.920.5808
Harris Alex Director Collaboration 1.403.920.6201
Innes Ashley Director Marketing 1.403.920.5574
Jamieson Lisa Marketing Representative Marketing 1.416.869.2171
Johnson Nancy Vice President Strategy, Regulatory & Business Planning 1.403.920.2659
Karski Roman Marketing Representative Marketing 1.587.933.8875
Kimmett Taylor Supervisor Contracts 1.403.920.5579
Kuntz Grant Manager Rates & Services East 1.403.920.7169
Lussier Sophie Manager TQM and Business Development 1.403.920.6545
Mackay Lindsay Director Business Development 1.403.920.6321
Masud Jawad Vice President Commercial Operations 1.403.920.2670
Mazier Mike Marketing Representative Marketing 1.403.920.2651
Medcalfe Chelsea Manager Contracts, Billing and Credit 1.403.920.6717
Mount Fraser Manager Commercial - West Assets 1.403.920.2267
Nelson Keith Director Business Development 1.403.920.5540
Prior Richard Senior Vice President Commercial 1.832.320.5504
Proctor Marlene Supervisor Western Pipelines 1.403.920.2686
Ritsch Mike Director Rates and Services 1.403.920.6826
Rouillard Darryn Manager System Design West 1.403.920.6341
Samoylove Zafir Supervisor Operations Planning East 1.403.920.6831
Sawatzky Dana Analyst Commercial - West Assets 1.403.920.2068
Smetheram Glenn Marketing Representative Marketing 1.403.920.7104
Stowkowy Ashley Marketing Representative Marketing 1.403.920.5828
Stringer Tim Manager Marketing 1.416.869.2177
Tosi Chris Manager System Design East 1.403.920.5051
Tran Nguyen Director Commercial Services 1.587.933.8267
Trout Blaine Director Marketing 1.403.920.6684
Waldorf Holly Manager Commercial - East Assets 1.403.920.8086
Webb William (Bill) Manager Business Continuity & Integration 1.403.920.6840
White Jay Vice President Commercial 1.832.320.5393
Wilson Stephanie Vice President Business Development 1.403.920.5061
Wong Stephanie Analyst Commercial - East Assets 1.403.920.2885
Woo John Marketing Representative Marketing 1.403.920.5801
Zhou Joe Director System Design 1.403.920.7227
Zuczek Patricia Marketing Representative Marketing 1.403.920.5378