Customer Express Contacts

TC Energy's Customer Service Call Centre is at your service from 7am to 10pm MST, 7 days a week.
Contact the PipeLine at 1.403.920.PIPE(7473) or Toll free at 1.877.920.PIPE(7473)

Operations Contacts

Last Name First Name Title Team Phone Fax Email IC Reports To (leave blank if no-one)  
Harris Alex Director Collaboration 1.403.920.6201 1.403.920.2386 alex_harris jay_white  
Cheung Amelia Marketing Representative Marketing 1.416.869.2115 1.416.869.2119 amelia_cheung kevin_dick  
Edwards Andre Marketing Representative Marketing 1.587.933.7546 andre_edwards candice_engel  
Innes Ashley Director Marketing 1.403.920.5574 1.403.920.2386 ashley_innes jay_white  
Trout Blaine Director Marketing 1.403.920.6684 1.403.920.2386 blaine_trout jay_white  
Engel Candice Manager Marketing 1.403.920.5623 1.403.920.2386 candice_engel ashley_innes  
Sawatzky Dana Analyst Collaboration - West Assets 1.403.920.2068 1.403.920.2386 dana_sawatzky kelly_howlett  
Rouillard Darryn Manager System Design West 1.403.920.6341 1.403.920.2357 darryn_rouillard joe_zhou  
Alexander Duane Vice President Business Development 1.403.920.2126 duane_alexander greg_grant  
Sunderji Fareen Vice President Commercial Operations 1.403.920.2811 fareen_sunderji greg_grant  
Dhanidina Farouk Supervisor Eastern Pipelines 1.403.920.6126 1.403.920.2999 farouk_dhanidina graham_gent  
Smetheram Glenn Marketing Representative Marketing 1.403.920.7104 1.403.920.2386 glenn_smetheram candice_engel  
Gent Graham Manager Nominations & Allocations 1.403.920.6846 1.403.920.2999 graham_gent nguyen_tran  
Kuntz Grant Manager Rates & Services West 1.403.920.7169 1.403.920.2386 grant_kuntz michael_ritsch  
Grant Greg Senior Vice President Commercial 1.403.920.2018 greg_grant tracy_robinson  
Waldorf Holly Manager Collaboration - East Assets 1.403.920.8086 1.403.920.2386 holly_waldorf alex_harris  
Chisholm Ian Manager Operations Planning 1.403.920.6252 1.403.920.2999 ian_chisholm joe_zhou  
White Jay Vice President Commercial 1.832.320.5393 1.832.320.5704 jay_white greg_grant  
Hemstock Jillian Marketing Representative Marketing 1.403.920.7136 jillian_hemstock candice_engel  
Zhou Joe Director System Design 1.403.920.7227 1.403.920.2357 joe_zhou fareen_sunderji  
Woo John Marketing Representative Marketing 1.403.920.5801 1.403.920.2386 john_woo tom_van_norman  
Nelson Keith Director Business Development 1.403.920.5540 1.403.920.2451 keith_nelson jay_white  
Howlett Kelly Manager Collaboration - West Assets kelly_howlett alex_harris  
Dick Kevin Director Marketing 1.416.869.2120 kevin_dick jay_white  
D'Souza Kevin Analyst Collaboration - West Assets 1.403.920.8080 1.403.920.2386 kevin_dsouza kelly_howlett  
Mackay Lindsay Director Business Development 1.403.920.6321 1.403.920.2285 lindsay_mackay duane_alexander  
Jamieson Lisa Manager Marketing 1.416.869.2171 1.416.869.2119 lisa_jamieson kevin_dick  
McEwen Liz Marketing Representative Marketing 1.403.920.4549 liz_mcwewen candice_engel  
Proctor Marlene Supervisor Western Pipelines 1.403.920.2686 1.403.920.2999 marlene_proctor graham_gent  
Ramsay Matthew Supervisor Operations Planning West 1.403.920.6814 matthew_ramsay ian_chisholm  
Armstrong Michael (Mike) Manager Gas Control 1.403.920.6777 mike_armstrong joe_zhou  
Mazier Mike Marketing Representative Marketing 1.403.920.2651 1.403.920.2386 mike_mazier candice_engel  
Ritsch Mike Director Rates and Services 1.403.920.6826 1.403.920.2386 michael_ritsch jay_white  
Beckel Molly Marketing Representative Marketing 1.416.869.2159 1.416.869.2119 molly_beckel tim_stringer  
Ferraton Murray Manager Customer Solutions 1.403.920.5323 1.403.920.2357 murray_ferraton joe_zhou  
Trawick Myles Manager Rates & Services East 1.403.920.5289 myles_trawick michael_ritsch  
Banner Neall Director Commercial Strategy and Fundamentals 1.403.920.7907 neall_banner duane_alexander  
Tran Nguyen Director Commercial Services 1.587.933.8267 1.403.920.2999 nguyen_tran fareen_sunderji  
Tarvydas Robert Vice President Regulatory and Business Planning 1.403.920.5052 robert_tarvydas tracy_robinson  
Girling Russ President and CEO TC Energy Corporation 1.403.920.7888 1.403.920.2412 russ_girling reporttoFirst_reporttoLast  
Bendall Sara Marketing Representative Marketing 1.403.920.3743 1.403.920.2451 sara_bendall candice_engel  
Lussier Sophie Manager TQM and Business Development 1.403.920.6545 1.403.920.2386 sophie_lussier lindsay_mackay  
Wong Stephanie Analyst Collaboration - East Assets 1.403.920.2885 1.403.920.6056 stephanie_wong holly_waldorf  
Kimmett Taylor Manager Contracts, Billing and Credit 1.403.920.5579 1.403.920.2386 taylor_kimmett nguyen_tran  
Stringer Tim Manager Marketing 1.416.869.2177 1.416.869.2119 tim_stringer kevin_dick  
Harper Todd Marketing Representative Marketing 1.403.920.5808 1.403.920.2386 todd_harper tom_van_norman  
Van Norman Tom Manager Marketing 1.403.920.2747 tom_van_norman blaine_trout  
Turra Tony Marketing Representative Marketing 1.403.920.5471 tony_turra tom_van_norman  
Robinson Tracy Executive Vice President Commercial 1.587.933.0897 1.403.920.2386 tracy_robinson russ_girling  
Cook Tyler Marketing Representative Marketing 1.403.920.6021 1.403.920.2386 tyler_cook tom_van_norman  
Rojas Veronica Industry Coordinator Collaboration 1.587.933.4878 veronica_rojas holly_waldorf  
Webb William (Bill) Manager Business Continuity & Integration 1.403.920.6840 1.403.920.2999 bill_webb nguyen_tran  
Samoylove Zafir Supervisor Operations Planning East 1.403.920.6831 1.403.920.2446 zafir_samoylove ian_chisholm