NGTL System FT Transfers

Updated December 6, 2021

Firm Transfers to Storage

On February 19, 2021, the Tolls, Tariff, Facilities and Procedures (TTFP) Committee passed a resolution to implement a pilot program for transfers to storage for Firm Transportation – Delivery and Firm Transportation – Receipt services. The Pilot will allow customers to transfer service from either a Group 1 Delivery Point or Group 2 Delivery Point to a Storage Delivery Point for the purpose of injection, as well as from a Receipt Point to a Storage Receipt Point for the purpose of withdrawal. One-way transfers to storage locations will not be permitted. FT Transfers to Storage will be subject to the provisions outlined in the new FT Transfers to Storage Procedure, which is included in the TTFP resolution that has been posted to our Customer Express site at Resolution ( .

The Pilot Program will commence on April 1, 2021 and customers will be able to submit transfer to storage requests as early as March 22, 2021 with an effective date of no earlier than April 1, 2021.

Transfers to storage can be submitted in the same fashion as other transfers through our Dovetail Contracting application. If assistance is required, please contact .

FT-D1 and FT-D2 Transfers


In addition to the storage pilot, the TTFP also revised the existing FT-D2 to FT-D1 (and vice versa) pilot program (addressed in Resolution T2018-04) to permit daily transfers between FT-D Group 1 Delivery Points and FT-D Group 2 Delivery Points (and vice versa). The change will enable customers to submit FT-D1 to FT-D2 (and vice versa) transfer requests daily starting March 22, 2021 with an effective date of no earlier than April 1, 2021.

Customers will now be able to enter out/back transfers on their own between these locations. One-way transfers are still available, but must be requested through .

The opportunity to request FT-D1 to FT-D1 and FT-D2 to FT-D2 transfers on a daily basis remains unchanged, with the customer having full self-serve capabilities.


 FT-D3 Transfers


The opportunity to transfer a FT-D contract from one FT-D Group 3 Delivery Point to other FT-D Group 3 Points will be offered on the fourth last business day of the month, on or before 11:00 a.m. Mountain Time (MT) for service starting the following month.


Please see the list of dates below for the 2021 FT-D Group 3 transfer request deadlines.


2021 FT-D Group 3 Transfer Request Deadlines






Tues, January 26

Tues, April 27

Tues, July 27

Tues, October 26

Tues, February 23

Wed, May 26

Thurs, August 26

Thurs, November 25

Fri, March 26

Fri, June 25

Mon, September 27

Tues, December 28


 Evaluation of Transfer Requests for Group 3 Locations


Transfer requests will be evaluated per the following criteria:

  1. After the 11 am MT transfer request deadline, requests will be considered and processed up to the capacity limit of the existing facilities.
  2. If requests exceed lateral or meter station capacity at a Delivery Point, requests will be allocated on a prorated basis.
  3. Contracts will be prepared and forwarded to customers for execution.
  4. Customers must return contracts prior to the transfer request start date.
  5. Transfers will be in effect for the first day of the requested month.
  6. Per the FT-D Group 3 pilot program, first-time transfer requests associated with new measurement facilities can be requested outside of the monthly deadlines.


FT-R Transfers 

The opportunity to request FT-R transfers on a daily basis remains unchanged, with the customer having full self-serve capabilities.


Other Information

  1. One-way transfers will remain at the new location for the balance of the term of the contract or until a subsequent transfer request is made and approved.
  2. Transfers to a Point and back to the original Point (ie. Out/Back Transfers) may be requested. The transfer will be held at the new location until the subsequent “Back” transfer is executed.
  3. Transfer requests cannot have more than one “From” location or more than one “To” location.
  4. No advance bookings for future months will be considered until the opening of the 40 Day Window (see below for dates).
  5. Instructions on how to enter transfer requests as well as other requests on the NGTL system can be found at the link below under the Procedures header.

  1. FT-D Rate Schedule – Transfer of Service Section 7.0
  2. FT-R Rate Schedule – Transfer of Service Section 8.0
  3. For more information, please contact: Your Marketing Representative or email


Please see below for 40 Day Window openings for 2022


Date to Enter

For the Date



























Financial Assurance Requirements


Successful bidders will be required to maintain or increase existing financial assurances as required by TC Energy. For financial assurance information please refer to paragraph 10.1 of General Terms and Conditions of  the NGTL Tariff.