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Foothills System - SK

TC Energy's Foothills Saskatchewan Transportation Rates & Abandonment Surcharges


2020 Rates Effective January 1, 2020

Transportation Rates below do not include applicable Abandonment Surcharges


Tariff Rate

Information Purposes
AB/SK Border to Monchy, SK






Firm Service - Zone 9


FT Rate






Interruptible Service - Zone 9


IT Rate






Aggregate charges for service will be determined in accordance with the Foothills Pipe Lines Gas Transportation Tariff and as such, shall include the applicable abandonment surcharge(s).


2020 Abandonment Surcharges Effective January 1, 2020

Abandonment Surcharges are in addition to applicable Transportation Rates

Abandonment Surcharges

Tariff Rate

Information Purposes
All Transportation Services










Monthly Abandonment Surcharge

0.0919685746 (Monthly)




Daily Abandonment Surcharge

0.0030153631 (Daily)





The services to which Abandonment Surcharges apply are denoted on the Foothills Pipe Lines Table of Effective Rates.

1. For information purposes, the maximum Shipper's Haul Distance used in the Shipper's monthly charge for Service calculation is 258.97 km.

2. Rates are payable in Canadian dollars and GJ units are used for billing purposes. Mcf and MMbtu units are provided for information purposes only.

3. Conversion Factors below have been used to calculate the rates provided for information purposes:



1.3075 - subject to change (updated October 29, 2019)


¢/GJ to ¢/MMBtu

x 1.055056


¢/GJ to ¢/Mcf

at a heat value of 37.8 MJ/m3

4. All rates are based on 100 per cent load factor utilization. The IT rate is 110 per cent of the FT rate.

5. Rates do not include G.S.T.

6. Inquiries regarding the Saskatchewan System may be directed to:


Liz McEwen
Phone: 1.403.920.4549
Email: [email protected]

Erin Fong
Phone: 1.403.920.7432
Email: [email protected]


Other information for TC Energy's Foothills (SK) System:




Fuel Rates and Heating Values Heating Values (7 KB, PDF)
AB Border Heat Values AB Border Heat Values (61 KB, PDF)


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