North Bay Junction Long Term Fixed Price

Description of Service

  • Long term firm fixed pricing service offering to retain and attract long haul load

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Negotiated long term firm service from Empress to North Bay Junction
  • Fixed toll for duration of contract
  • Shippers will also hold a corresponding long-term Firm Transportation contract from the North Bay Junction receipt point to Mainline markets

How to Access this Service

  • Offered through a TC Energy held North Bay Junction LTFP Open Season which closed on September 21, 2018
  • Shipper may sign an Assignment Agreement with TC Energy and the holder of an existing North Bay Junction LTFP contract to take over all or a portion of that existing contract-holder’s service.

For Further Information

Contact your Marketing Representative, or via any of the options listed below.

The Pipe Line: 1.403.920.PIPE (7473)



Service Priority


Renewal Rights



Will not build for service

Service Flexibility

Secondary Receipt Points
Conversion to FT service at the end of the term


North Bay Junction LTFP Open Season


Minimum term is 10 years


Monthly NBJ LTFP Toll


Please Note:
This service description is for informational purposes only. For more detailed descriptions, please review the Transportation Tariff which provides complete detail and supersedes the information provided on this page.