FT-D Firm Transportation - Delivery

Description of Service:

  • Firm delivery service available at three mutually-exclusive groups of delivery locations (Group 1, Group 2 and Group 3).
  • Group 1 delivery points are interconnection points with the major downstream pipeline systems (e.g. TC Energy Mainline, Foothills B.C., Foothills Saskatchewan, Spectra Energy Transmission and Alliance Pipeline L.P.).
  • Group 2 delivery points are non-Group 1 delivery points where the shipper elects to contract for the standard service attributes.
  • Group 3 delivery points are locations where the shipper elects to contract for a premium service which is offered at a premium price compared to service at Group 2 delivery points. Service at a Group 3 delivery location is available to any shipper provided that the shipper is the connecting pipeline operator for such Group 3 delivery location, is the only shipper at such location and is not entitled to any other service at such location.


Key Features and Benefits:

  • High priority delivery service.
  • FT-D has variable pricing dependent on length of term; one year but less than three years at 100%, three years but less than five at 95%, and five years or greater at 90%.
  • Service is renewable, for a minimum term of one year.
  • Renewal notification is required a minimum of one year prior to the service termination date.
  • Eligible for Alternate Access provision which allows shippers to nominate the unutilized portion of their Group 1 or Group 2 FT-D service as IT-D during a month between and/or within Group 1 and Group 2 delivery locations on the system without incurring any additional charges. Alternate Access is managed as a billing charge in which each shipper’s delivery contracts and volumes (Group 1 & Group 2) are pooled together to maximize their FT-D delivery contracts before IT-D charges are applied.
  • Transfers are allowed between and within Group 1 and Group 2 locations, and within Group 3 locations, subject to available capacity and only during secondary term.


How to Access this Service:

  • Bid for service through a TC Energy held Open Season. Notices are posted on the TC Energy website and detail the capacity offered as well as the bidding process.
  • Shipper must sign an FT-D Service Agreement for the accepted bid with TC Energy.


For Further Information

Contact your Marketing Representatives, or via any of the options listed below.

The Pipe Line: 1.403.920.PIPE (7473)
Email: customer_express@tcenergy.com

Please Note:
This service description is for informational purposes only. For more detailed descriptions, please review the NGTL System Tariff which provides complete detail and supersedes the information provided on this page.

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