FT Firm Transportation

Description of Service

  • Firm service with a primary receipt point and a primary delivery point

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Secure and reliable daily deliveries
  • Offers numerous flexibility features including secondary rights, point adjustment rights and renewal rights

How to Access this Service

  • Bid for service through a Great Lakes Pipeline Canada held Open Season. Notices are posted on the Great Lakes Pipeline Canada website and detail the capacity offered as well as the bidding process
  • Shipper must sign an FT contract for the accepted bid with Great Lakes Pipeline Canada
  • Shipper may also sign an Assignment Agreement with Great Lakes Pipeline Canada and the holder of an existing FT contract to take over all or a portion of that existing contract-holder’s service
  • Shipper may contract one off deals with Great Lakes Pipeline Canada

For Further Information

Contact your Marketing Representatives, or via any of the options listed below.


Erik Anderson 1.832.320.5606
Email: erik_anderson@tcenergy.com


Service Priority


Renewal Rights

Renewal minimum 1 year to receive ROFR


Great Lakes Pipeline Canada will build facilities with a
minimum 15 year contract term

Service Flexibility

Secondary Points


Open Season
Contract directly with Great Lakes Pipeline Canada


Minimum term is 1 day


Monthly FT demand rate

Please Note:
This service description is for informational purposes only. For more detailed descriptions, please review the Transportation Tariff which provides complete detail and supersedes the information provided on this page.