IT InterruptibleTransportation

Description of Service:

  • Daily interruptible service under a system wide blanket IT contract

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Available capacity is auctioned daily to the highest bidders (above a specified bid floor)
  • Once an IT shipper’s nomination is authorized, the service cannot be “bumped” to meet other intra-day nomination increases

How to Access this Service:

  • Sign a blanket IT contract with TC Energy
  • IT contract holders bid through their nominations for IT service on a daily basis, indicating the quantity, the transportation path, and the price for their bid which must be at least equal to the posted IT bid floor

For Further Information

Contact your Marketing Representatives, or via any of the options listed below.


The Pipe Line: 1.403.920.PIPE (7473)




Service Priority


Renewal Rights



Will not build for service

Service Flexibility

Receipts allowed from certain delivery areas


Shipper signs blanket IT contract
Daily auction
Shipper bids price and quantity
Awarded based on price


Up to one day service
Evergreen blanket IT contract


Biddable toll ($/GJ/day)
Bid floors established by TC Energy



Please Note:
This service description is for informational purposes only. For more detailed descriptions, please review the Transportation Tariff which provides complete detail and supersedes the information provided on this page.

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