ST-SN Short Term - Short Notice

Description of Service:

  • Short term firm service with a primary receipt point and a primary delivery point designed to meet the needs of markets which require a flexible and firm gas supply to serve fluctuating demands with as little as 15 minutes notice (e.g. gas fired power generators).

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Unique features include reserved capacity, flow control, requirement for separate delivery area and up to 96 nomination windows daily.
  • Range of contract terms: Minimum term of seven days and maximum term of one year less one day.

How to Access this Service:

  • Bid for service through a TC Energy held Open Season. Notices are posted on the TC Energy website and detail the capacity offered as well as the bidding process.
  • Shipper must submit a completed Exhibit “A” form, from their ST-SN Contract, indicating the quantity, the requested transportation path, and the price for their bid which must be at least equal to the posted ST-SN bid floor (shippers bid a percentage of the FT-SN toll in effect at the time of service)
  • Shipper must sign an ST-SN contract with TC Energy.

For Further Information

Contact your Marketing Representatives, or via any of the options listed below.


The Pipe Line: 1.403.920.PIPE (7473)




Service Priority

Firm and reserved

Renewal Rights



Will not build mainline facilities for service
May build metering facilities for service

Service Flexibility

Reserved capacity
Up to 96 nomination windows daily
Flow control required at delivery point
Flow rate nomination required (GJ/hr)
Separate delivery area required


Open Season
Shipper bids quantity, price and term
Awarded based on aggregate revenue
Competes with STFT in short term open seasons


Minimum = 7 days
Maximum = 1 year less 1 day


Biddable toll as a percentage of the FT-SN toll in effect at time of service
Bid floors established by TC Energy
Minimum bid floor level can be no lower than the applicable FT-SN toll



Please Note:
This service description is for informational purposes only. For more detailed descriptions, please review the Transportation Tariff which provides complete detail and supersedes the information provided on this page.

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