Empress Flow-in Capacity

The Capabilities Table is provided to customers for information purposes and is accurate for the date published. The Capabilities will be updated annually.



Published on April, 2016


Summer 2016  
(Average) TJ/d

Winter 2016/2017
(Average) TJ/d

Canadian Mainline (at 14.73 psia)
  Empress Take-away



  1. The Empress Take-away capability is based on the average day design with a capability factor applied less the Suffield and Saskatchewan receipts. For current information on the Canadian Mainline, please refer to the Open Season information under Customer Express.
  2. Note that daily "Operational Capability" will vary from "Design Capability" based upon a number of factors, including: equipment availability, pipeline related outages such as pigging, ambient air and ground temperature variations, system linepack, flow distribution, receipt or delivery flow to connected storage locations and border delivery pressures.