NGTL System Short Term Firm Transportation (STFT) Daily Open Season

Updated on March 29, 2018

This Open Season is Closed for April 2018 capacity.

If the STFT Existing Capacity Open Season is not fully subscribed the remaining capacity is available to be rolled over to the STFT Daily Open Season.

NGTL is offering STFT capacity up to the amounts shown in the table(s) below.


Capacity available for service starting on April 1, 2018
Posted Border Point Volume in GJ/day
Empress or McNeill Border  0
Alberta BC Border  0

Requests for FT-D (annual) capacity have priority over STFT.

  • STFT Posted capacity is available with a minimum bid of 100 per cent of the FT-D rate.
  • Minimum Term for STFT contracts is typically one month.
  • Balance of month bids (minimum of seven days ending on the last day of the month) may be accepted within the month requested.
  • Bids are evaluated and awarded based upon a calculation of bid multiplied by term.
  • Multiple bids by entities or their affiliates can not exceed the capacity posted.
  • Bids for different periods/volumes/bid amounts and borders must be on separate bid forms.

Financial Assurance Requirements:

Successful bidders will be required to provide financial assurances as required by TransCanada. For financial assurance information please refer to paragraph 10.1 of General Terms and Conditions of the NGTL Tariff.

Bidding and Allocation Procedure:

As outlined in Appendix A of the NGTL tariff, titled "Terms and Conditions Respecting Access to Transportation Service at Export Border Points" all parties wishing to bid for this available service can do so by completing the STFT Service Agreement and Schedule of Service. . This link AB - STFT Smart Formprovides customers with a smart form which helps to complete the STFT schedule of service. For more information on STFT, please use the following link: Rate Schedule STFT

Evaluation of Bids

Bids will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

1. Bid Price multiplied by contract term.

2. Commencement of service date if bids are otherwise equivalent i.e. service commencing on earlier start dates will be given higher priority.

3. If oversubscribed, tied bids will be allocated on a prorated basis.

Submitting Bids

A completed and executed Schedule of Service should be emailed to prior to the deadline shown above. Alternatively customers may fax NGTL STFT Open Season 1.403.920.2341. No deposits are required. Bid information should include a minimum and maximum quantity acceptable to the bidder.

After the open season closes, we will notify customers as soon as possible.

For more information, please contact:


Ashley Stowkowy

Customer Account Manager – Export Markets

Commercial West - Canadian Gas Pipelines

Phone:  403.920.5828

Mobile:  403.461.2071

IM:         ash.stowkowy