Overpressure Protection

TC Energy is required to demonstrate that all Receipt Meter Stations are protected from possible overpressure incidents. Thus TC Energy requires all Customers at receipt facilities to provide pressure protection to ensure that the Maximum Receipt Pressure of the Meter Station is not exceeded and report the protection system in place.

We will work collaboratively with Customers to ensure that the Pressure Control (PC) and Overpressure Protection (OPP) system meets the requirements of CSA Z662.

TC Energy requires the cooperation of all Customers to provide the following initial information:

  • Basic information about the Customer’s facility
  • Process & Instrument Diagram (P&ID) or as-built drawings
  • Operational philosophy
  • Planned maintenance program for the OPP devices and system
  • OPP devices calibration or maintenance records

Following the initial information gathering, TC Energy only needs to verify PC and OPP devices and systems on an annual basis.

If the PC and OPP system changes it is the Customer’s obligation to notify TC Energy.


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