GCTS - Frequently Asked Questions


Will GCTS be compatible with my cell phone and/or tablet?

Yes, GCTS will function on both.

Will GCTS support EDI?

Yes. Full EDI functionality is available for nominations. The system also includes file upload and download functionality.

Will capacity allocation change in any way?

No. Capacity will continue to be granted based on priority of service by cycle.

Will capacity allocation happen after hub auto balance?

No. Hub auto balance and capacity allocation will happen simultaneously. In the situation where your transport is impacted by both events your allocation will be the lesser of the two.

Will I need to match restrictions by nominating down in GCTS?

No. GCTS differentiates between a nomination request and a scheduled quantity. Any impacts to your accounts through gas day processing (including restrictions) will automatically change your scheduled quantity, your nomination does not need to be changed.

Are nomination deadlines firm or is there leeway in holding windows open for late nominations?

Nomination deadlines are firm. The system will automatically cut you off from submitting late nominations.

Will CV's still exist in GCTS?

Yes. However, the responsibility to nominate them will now fall to the shipper by nominating a CV draft or pack at export points.

Will LTFP alternate deliveries still require nominating an hour before nomination deadline?

Yes. We will still require this time to ensure your requests are reflected in our nominations on Great Lakes system.

Which reports are available and how do I sign up to receive them?

GCTS offers three (3) auto generated reports; a report indicating if you have a failed nomination, a pdf version of our IT bid rate report and a scheduled quantity report at the end of a cycle. To sign up simply navigate to the associated page, click the 'subscribe to email notification' link on the page and input your email.

Will operators have auto generated reports as well?

Yes. There is also a system generated report for operators which can be found on the confirmation page. Note that you only need to sign up for notifications once (per pipeline) to receive all of your location information.

Are GLC and Mainline integrated?

No. While easily accessible from the same screen each pipeline is wholly separate. This means that all nominations, reports, confirmations, notifications etc. will be handled separately.

With the rescheduling of Egate will my authorized quantities fluctuate throughout the day (if I don't change anything)?

Potentially. NGTL fully reschedules delivery restrictions on every cycle. Changes to requested nominations and/or capacity may result in a change to the overall allowable percentage.

Will you be leaving accounts out of balance?

No. All out of balance accounts will be auto balanced at nomination deadline, after capacity allocation and throughout the confirmation process. auto balance will be based on your predetermined rankings.

Will you auto balance on a confirmation level at Timely cycle?

Our process will remain unchanged for the time being for timely confirmations, meaning that we will not force shippers to balance at a confirmation level for the timely cycle. Note that both the hub auto balance and the capacity allocation auto balance will take place on timely.

In your "What's Changing" presentation you indicated that fuel will be automatically calculated on transport. How does this impact STS cycles/shippers?

STS Shippers will have access to a fuel variance account which will need to be nominated to make up the fuel differential for non-standard cycle changes. Fuel variances will be nominated at the fuel location as either a pack or draft depending on what is required to balance the account. Ultimately, your service will remain unchanged there is just a new step in the process.

I currently have a different LBA nomination group for each of my delivery areas, will this be the same in GCTS?

No. You will nominate just one LBA nomination for all of your delivery areas.