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Who to Contact

We can be reached by contacting any of the people listed below.

Last Name First Name Title Team Phone Fax Email
Kimmett Taylor Marketing Representative Commercial 1.403.920.5579 1.403.920.2386
Mazier Mike Marketing Representative Commercial 1.403.920.2651 1.403.920.2386
Smetheram Glenn Marketing Representative Commercial 1.403.920.7104 1.403.920.2386
Stowkowy Ashley Marketing Representative Commercial 1.403.920.5828 1.403.920.2386

Last Name First Name Title Team Phone Fax Email
Girling Anita Analyst Billing BC, SK & Contracting 1.403.920.5524 1.403.920.2446
General Inquiries The Pipe Line Noms & Allocations 1.403.920.PIPE (7473) 1.403.920.2433

Last Name First Name Title Team Phone Fax Email
Chisholm Ian Manager Operations Planning 1.403.920.2446 1.403.920.2999
Echenagusia Penelope Manager Western Rates and Services 1.403.920.5396 1.403.920.2386
Engel Candice Manager Marketing 1.403.920.5623 1.403.920.2386
Gent Graham Manager Nominations and Allocations 1.403.920.6846 1.403.920.2999
Harris Alex Director Collaboration 1.403.920.6201 1.403.920.2386
Innes Ashley Director Marketing 1.403.920.5574 1.403.920.2386
Medcalfe Chelsea Manager Contracts, Billing and Credit 1.403.920.6717 1.403.920.2999
Mount Fraser Manager Collaboration 1.403.920.2267 1.403.920.2386
Ritsch Michael Director Rates and Services 1.403.920.6826 1.403.920.2386
Tran Nguyen Director Commercial Services 1.587.933.8267 1.403.920.2999