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Fuel Rates - BC

Fuel Rate Effective April 01, 2019

Fuel Rate and MJ value on TransCanada's Foothills System - B.C. (Zone 8) for April 01, 2019

Please be advised that effective April 01, 2019 at 08:00 the fuel rate on TransCanada's Foothills System - B.C. (Zone 8) will change to 1.5 percent. If you have any questions please contact The Pipe Line at 403.920.7473 (877-920-7473)

For the period of April 01, 2019, until further notice, a fuel rate of 0.00878735 per GJ/km will be in effect. Applicable rates for the most common paths are provided here:

·  Current Fuel Rates (16.0 KB, PDF)